The OTHER Great Movie Musical of 2016: “Sing Street” Movie Review (3 Stars)

John Carney finds the joy of “Once” again in this charming movie musical.

The boys of “Sing Street”

John Carney is a master at bringing characters together through the power of music. His films are always musically infectious, beautifully shot and acted, as well as powerful. His one side step from form was 2013’s “Begin Again” which wasn’t a terrible film and still received awards recognition for it’s music. However, it didn’t radiate the emotion that his previous (and breakout) film did – “Once.”

With “Sing Street”, Carney has returned to form with a heartwarming story about a young boy in 80’s Ireland who forms a band to impress a girl. The story itself is simple enough and is about as predictable as you can get for these types of films, but the execution is superb.

Carney (also credited as writer and songwriter for this) uses the songs the band writes to further the story and really convey the emotions these kids are going through – as a true musical should do. You can’t help but laugh and cry with each of these young boys as they go on this journey. The movie and music are so infectious, you’ll want more even after it ends.

Like the other movie musical this year- “La La Land”, there is a sense of joy found in this film that is hard to find in theaters nowadays. Whether it’s all of the 80’s throwbacks (music, costumes, production design) or simply the heartwarming story, you can’t stop smiling while watching this film.

It’s hard to single out any particular performance in the film because the ensemble plays so well, but I will say my favorite parts of the film were the scenes between the lead, Conor, and his older brother ( a wonderful Jack Reynor.) Which also makes sense why Carney decided to dedicate this film “to brothers everywhere.”

“Sing Street” has already been honored with a nomination for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) at the Golden Globes. And while it has very slim chances to actually win against a certain other movie musical, it’s nice to see a small indie Irish film from the beginning of 2016 get some much deserved recognition.

Awards Possibilities: Best Original Song



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