Initial Reactions to the Oscar Nominations Announcement

It’s like Christmas morning for me! I did well predicting… 86/100 = 81% accuracy. So much happened this morning… Surprises – both good and bad, snubs, etc. I’ll just share my initial reactions at 6am in the morning.

Best Picture

Predictable. The only one I had sneaking in there was Carol, which received the same amount of nominations as both Spotlight and Bridge of Spies without even getting that Best Picture nomination. It must have fallen flat to Academy members like most have been saying. Other than that…predictable. My prediction 8/8

Best Director

Where is Ridley Scott????? I mentioned this to a friend earlier in the week – that Scott’s “overdue” campaign might backfire on him and he won’t even get a nomination, let alone be the frontrunner. Still completely shocking. Love see Lenny Abrahmson on this list for Room and I had Adam McKay as my alternate. Again, they didn’t love Carol as much as I thought they would. My Prediction 3/5

Best Lead Actor

Predictable… but rightfully so. My prediction 5/5

Best Lead Actress

Category fraud, category fraud!!!! Looking at you Mara and Vikander in Supporting! Jennifer Lawrence snuck her way in her for a mediocre movie and it kinda pisses me off…but YAY CHARLOTTE RAMPLING! My predictions: 4/5

Best Supporting Actor

Well, well, well Mr. Tom Hardy… Thought you’d sneak in there and steal a nomination from a little boy, huh? Just kidding, actually really excited for him! They loved The Revenant more than anybody could predict! My Predictions 4/5

Best Supporting Actress

Mara and Vikander managed to pull their category frauds off and may battle it out for the win now… Other than that, predictable. My predictions 4/5 (even though I had Vikander for a different film…oops.)

Writing Categories

Two big shockers in these categories. Perennial favorite Quentin Tarantino – snubbed! Frontrunner Aaron Sorkin – Snubbed! WHAT?! I get crowded categories but…what the what!?

Other shockers (good and bad) in the tech categories:

  • Frontrunner song “See You Again” left off the list
  • Academy Award Nominee Lady Gaga – girl’s having a gooood year
  • No makeup nom for Black Mass??
  • Animated Feature shocker – No The Good Dinosaur or The Peanuts movie
  • No Carol or Cinderella in production design
  • Sicario in Best Original Score!
  • Star Wars gets an Editing nomination (huh?)

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