Final Oscar Predicitions

I hate this year! I hate, hate, hate this year! I’m usually so confident on my predictions but most of theses categories I feel are going to be a complete shock tonight. I’ve changed these choices around about 10 times within the past 24 hours. Now I’m just going with what this season, history, and my gut says will happen, so here goes nothin’…

For more detailed description of my thinking go to my last blog posts entitled “State of the Race”

Best Motion Picture of the Year: Birdman

The only thing that is really worrying me from not putting Boyhood here is that BAFTA win… The fact that Birdman was able to take the Independent Spirit Award yesterday was a big shock and it may just have the momentum right now…

Best Achievement in Directing: Richard Linklater

Everything is telling me to go with DGA winner Innaritu, but I have a strong feeling the Academy is not gonna overlook Linklater for this…GAHHHHH

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Eddie Redmayne

Keaton may very well take it, but Redmayne has the momentum right now. But the Academy does love to give this overdue/comeback trophies out.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Julianne Moore

This is locked up and I’m so excited for her tonight!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: JK Simmons

Again locked up.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Patricia Arquette

She’s a lock.

Best Original Screenplay: The Grand Budapest Hotel

It’s wise to choose the winner of the WGA. This may be the Academy’s only chance to give Budapest a non-technical award.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game

Imitation Game won the WGA and the USC Scipter which is usually very telling…

Best Cinematography: Birdman

This is a lock.

Best Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Not much could take this award from Budapest right now, but this category has been known to surprise…

Best Costume Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Look for maybe Into the Woods to sneak up on Budapest, but I’m putting my money here…

Best Film Editing: Boyhood

This is a big one… Boyhood won the ACE Eddie Award which is a big predictor but Whiplash won BAFTA and Spirit Awards. If Boyhood loses here, it’s Best Pic chances may be dwindling…

Best Sound Editing: American Sniper

They have a habit of choosing war movies here…

Best Sound Mixing: Whiplash

I’m thinking Whiplash will get some kind of small tech category and I can see it being in Sound if it doesn’t get editing…

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: The Grand Budapest Hotel

They lean toward the more prestigious and Budapest leads the nominations…

Best Visual Effects: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I’m putting my oney behind Apes because it won at the FX Society this season and because I think a lot of people were still put of by Interstellar

Best Original Score: The Theory of Everything

I would love to see an Alexandre Desplat win here but my money says he cancels himself out and Theory wins…

Best Original Song: “Glory” from Selma

Not a big competition here unless the Academy chooses to honor Glen Campbell’s last song

Best Animated Feature Film: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Now that Lego movie is out, this is looking like the clear winner…

Best Documentary Feature Film: Citizenfour

Citizenfour pretty much has it locked unless there is a big surprise from Virunga or Last Days in Vietnam

Best Foreign Language Film: Ida

The cinematography nod Ida received gave it a huge boost here

Best Live-Action Short Film: The Phone Call

I’m putting my money behind the big name actors here even though this a weak category.

Best Animated Short Film: The Dam Keeper

Everything is telling me to vote Feast because it’s Disney but Disney has a habit of losing here…

Best Documentary Short Subject: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Most are backing this film, the only one that might surprise is Joanna


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